Quick Service

We strive to complete all simple orders within 10 minutes, our unique time management system means that we can deliver faster than any other bot!

Always Updating

We have a heavily active and motivated development team, we put a tonne of effort into looking over suggestions and fixing issues.

Feature Packed

We've put a lot of effort into standing out, we have a tonne of custom features that no other bot of our type has (see below for a full list)


Full list of bot commands:

Ordering Commands

@Pizza Porter order [order] Allows you to order a Pizza!
@Pizza Porter mystery Order something completely random!
@Pizza Porter myorder Allows you to see information about your order
@Pizza Porter cancel Allows you to cancel your current order
@Pizza Porter pending Shows a list of the current order queue.
@Pizza Porter chef [name/id] Assign a chef to your order.

Economy Commands

@Pizza Porter daily Claim your daily voting reward!
@Pizza Porter bal Check your current balance.
@Pizza Porter tip [amount] Tip the person who made your pizza.
@Pizza Porter leaderboard Shows a leaderboard of money.

Utility Commands

@Pizza Porter invite Allows you to invite the bot to your discord.
@Pizza Porter info Shows information about the bot.
@Pizza Porter feedback [message] Give feedback about your order.
@Pizza Porter discord Join our discord server.

Meet our team


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Community Manager