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    Gameplay rules
    (And further information about each rule)

    No usage of unfair Advantages
    Example: Any modification to the game that gives an advantage over other players
    (e.g. Hack Clients, Autoclickers, Autominers, etc.)

    No exploiting bugs
    Exploiting any flaws within the servers code to gain an advantage over others players.
    This does not include gathering evidence for a bug report.

    No teleport trapping:
    Teleporting a player to your island (or asking them to teleport) and then
    trapping them within a portal or a fall trap is not allowed.

    No scamming:


    Chat Rules
    (And further information about each rule)

    No advertising other servers

    Advertising another small server (under 5000 players) on our server, this includes
    mentioning as well as directly giving players the server IP address.

    No advertising of youtube channels (unless it's camelot based)
    In order to prevent people joining other servers, you can only advertise
    Youtube/twitch channels that are advertising our server.

    No phishing

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