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    We were created as nothing like this has yet been attempted. The other alliances aren't very 'guild master friendly' we aim to be different, letting our guild masters have a large amount of control over what goes on in our alliance.

    The Cookie Alliance is a large group of guilds aimed at providing a fun environment for our members. We do this through events, through communication and through hard working staff team.

    The key thing that sets us apart, is that we work more like a democracy. After all, if you're willing to signup to our alliance - you deserve a say in what goes on. This is what drives us to make it perfect. As a guild master, you will have the ability to choose alliance staff, guilds that are in the alliance, ability to create alliance events among many other things.

    First of all, Guild vs Guild tournaments are held every 2 month. Any guild in the alliance is able to join the tournament. The winning guild will earn a prize (which will be announced on discord before the tournament begins.)

    Ability to share your events with other guilds. If you're struggling to get full guild events, you can share your events with other guilds. This allows your event to feel more full. Often contributing to member happiness (since they feel like the guild is more active)

    A strong leadership team. Although the leaders try and keep out of things as much as possible, if needed they are able to step in to solve any issues. We mainly rely on guild masters to run things (through voting). We also have a strong staff team that moderate the discord to ensure everything runs smoothly.

    If you're a guild master and want to apply to join our alliance. The process is simple.

    There a currently no requirements.

    Join our discord and then reply to this thread with the following information:

    Guild name:
    Guild description:
    Guild master:
    Guild thread link:
    Guild discord link:
    Member count:
    Full officer list:

    Once you have submitted this form, you will receive a confirmation on discord from our discord bot that your application has been received. 24 hours later, you will be given the outcome of your application. Current masters vote on new members.

    In order to keep everyone informed of what's going on and to allow for our voting system to work.
    We have a discord. This can be joined here.

    In order to access most of the discord, you need to link your minecraft account to your discord account.
    This can be done by typing your username into the #✍-verify channel (and then following the info in your messages).

    For a full (up to date) list of guilds in the alliance, join our discord.

    Our main members are:

    The Elder Ones
    Guild Thread | Guild Discord

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